Viral Studies

Polio – Poliomyelitis, Polioencephalitis
Influenza, Respiratory Tract Infections, Herpes zoster, Herpes Simplex, Mumps, Measles, Mononucleosis (EBV) and Plantar Warts.
Sinusitis/ Highmoreitis
Eye Infections – Irido-cyclitis, Uveitis, Retro-bulbar neuritis, Herpes Zoaster Ophthalmicus, Keratitis,


 Polio – Poliomyelitis, Polioencephalitis

Previous results in Los Angeles showed when UBI was used that the death rate was significantly lowered.

(Miley, “Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation”)

Comparative study of 25 cases of acute, severe bulbospinal polio in children. Of these children, 11 had UBI and 14 had standard treatment. Of the UBI treated 1 died and 10 had full recovery. Of the 14 in control 5 died and 9 recovered.

(Georgetown University, G.J. P. Barger)


Influenza, Respiratory tract infections, Herpes zoster, Herpes Simplex, Mumps, Measles, Mononucleosis (EBV) and plantar warts.

Reports of Miley and others have shown that UBI successfully treatsinfluenza, respiratory tract infections, Herpes zoster, Herpes Simplex, Mumps, measles, mononucleosis (EBV), and plantar warts.  In the study below researchers listed 79 consecutive cases of virus infections treated with UBI with patients from early stages to moribund.   In this report, 78% of the patients recovered including 8 of the 9 that were apparently moribund (near death).

(Miley and Christensen, 271-83)

Barger, M.D. of Georgetown University Hospital, had administered over 2,500 UBI treatments and concurred with the above findings

(Dillon and Kenneth, “Healing Photons”)

Sinusitis/ Highmoreitis

Severe cases of Highmoreitis, with complications, in children following viral infections of facial sinuses found UBI to be very effective.

(Ozerskii, 49-50)

Viral Pneumonia

Miley reported that a single treatment with UBI was sufficient to bring about recovery.

(Miley, Olney, and Lewis, “Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation…”)

A Russian study of 10 patients ages 17-30 with acute pneumonia and 20 healthy controls were given antibiotics as well as two UBI treatments.  There was marked favorable influence on the regulation of lipid peroxidation and the antioxidant system with overall beneficial results of UBI over the control.

(Yaklovlev, 39-42)

Study comparing LBI with standard drugs in patients with acute pneumonia fournd that with LBI that fever and intoxication disappeared an average of 4.8 days sooner and that ausculatory symptoms disappeared 3.29 days sooner. LBI group had much less lung damage. Patients had virtually no perivascular suppuration or erythrocyte aggregation.

(Izhevsk, 63-64)


Eye Infections – Irido-cyclitis, Uveitis, Retro-bulbar neuritis, Herpes zoaster ophthalmicus, and keratitis

Study of 27 patients using a number of controls, ophthalmologists treated patients with UBI.  The researches that all cases treated with UBI responded exceptionally well.  UBI cases were discharges in 17.5 days vs. 30.8 for the control group.

(Farmer, 183-185)       



During this study, 43 cases treated, three with severe chronic hepatitis.  All were successfully treated and with a follow up of 4.5-6 yrs, remained healthy.  R.C. Onley, a well respected M.D., commented ”… the results of (UBI) are considered significant and noteworthy”

(Olney, 402-409)

Another study from 1994 had three groups with chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Group 1 – (20 patients) standard drugs  – 12 of 20 had good results 2 died.

Group 2 – (16 patients) LBI treatment – 13 of 16 had good results.

Group 3 – (10 patients) LBI infusion treatment – 10 of 10 had good results.

Suspected improved microcirculation in the liver was a factor and accounted for the superior outcomes.

(Izhevsk, 63-64)


Hepatitis Effectively Treated in 2008 by UBI

Energex Systems reported hepatitis effectively treated on patients who were non responsive to drug therapy in 2008.

Good results using transdermal LBI on chronic Hepatitis patients and other disorders.  Patients recovered 4-5 days earlier than controls

(Ovsiannikov, 39-44)

HIV, using Blood Irradiation (sublingual treatment) has had noteworthy results.  We suggest that you visit their site and see their current literature and testimonies.

Energex Systems is also testing their Blood Irradiation device on HIV.

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