Studies on the Effects of BPT

Healing Effects of UBI
Oxygenation Effect
Positive Effects on Blood Components
Safety of UBI

Healing Effects of UBI

Ganelina and Samoilova noted the following in their study:

  1. A broad spectrum of medical healing effects in various illnesses.  Such as general strengthening, desensitizing, stimulating, and anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Stimulation of factors of non-specific defense and immunity.  
  3. Anti-hypoxic, vasodilatory effects, and improvements of the rheological  (flow, structure, etc.) of the blood and the microcirculation.  
  4. Activation of metabolic processes and improvement of their regulation.  
  5. Stimulation of hematopoiesis (making blood cells)  and regeneration.  
  6. Rapid positive changes in  cell and blood plasma.  
  7. Normalizing effect on those processes and functions that are below normal and of those that are high.  I.e. auto-immune attack and low immune response.  
  (Ganelina and Samoilova, 155-156)

Oxygenation Effect

Within minutes venous oxygen level rise and can remain higher for weeks after the treatments.  Cyanosis (blue coloration) tends to clear up rapidly, metabolism improves, lower extremity circulation improves.

(Miley “The Ultraviolet Irradiation …”, 873.)

Improvement of the ability of the tissues to extract oxygen.  Feet may feel warm even though arteries remain occluded because of tissue oxygen extraction.

(Frick, adapted from entire study)

Positive Effects on Blood Components

Platelets benefit from UBI.  When deformed as a result of disease, UBI seems to reshape them into a normal pattern.  Serotonin in platelets give off a faint luminescence following UBI while platelets themselves can give off a strong luminescence in plasma.  They also develop greater electrophoretic mobility.

(Piksin, 100-104)

Red blood cells register changes in their membranes including expression of antigens.  There is improvement in rheological (flow) characteristics and a drop in blood viscosity.  Red blood cell aggregation is greatly reduced as is their deformation.  Similar changes take place in platelets.

UBI increases the activation of circulating IgM (by 2-16 times), IgG (by 2-4 times) and complement (by 2-4 times), i.e. it rapidly activates these factors of nonspecific immune defense.

(Ganelina and Samoilova, 207-211, 236) 

UBI boosts the antioxidative capacity of the blood by activating peroxidase. This activatioin has reached 40-50% above normal levels.

(Piksin, 102)


Safety of UBI

UBI treatments appear to lend higher specificity than many chemotherapies (pharma drugs) aimed at the same applications, since to attain their effects such chemotherapies must deviate from the ideal purity of energy-bearing molecules such as glucose and ATP.

(Dillon, “Apprentice to Paracelsus…”)

Study of 2,380 sessions only 1.3% had complications and those were minor, hematomas at the IV site, coagulation in the tubing, shivering, dizziness and nosebleeds.

(Marochkov, 55-56)

In over 10,000 UBI treatments only 6 had any adverse reaction and those were minor reactions including headache, temporary fever, chill and moderate gastrocnemium spasm.

(Miley, “Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation…”)

UBI suggests negligible side effects because of its high specificity. In other words, UBI therapy is not only safe:  it is safer than competing chemotherapies (pharma drugs) throughout a wide band of therapeutic action

Dillon, “Healing Photons…”

Researchers had treated 726 patients with various diseases for a total of 3,500 sessions.  Significantly healing was found in 84% of the cases with no complications.

(Ganelina and Samoilova, “Mechanisms of the Influence…”)



There were some tests to see if the Laser Blood Irradiation Therapy (basically injection of a laser fiber optic into the vein via a needle) was superior to UBI (Blood taken from the body and treated with ultraviolet light).  

Treatment of 312 workers who received significant does of radiation during clean-up of Chernobyl. Normalization of microcirculatory and immunological indicators occurred in 73% of the UBI and 84.8% of the LBI.  A complication was that some LBI cases were receiving an extra drug.  Two weeks later indicated that UBI attained better results.

(Frolov, 5-6, 22-25)

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