Cerebral Vascular Disorders

Cerebral Vascular Disorders
Neurological Disorders
Hypertension – High Blood Pressure


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UBI passes the blood/brain barrier with advantage over local irradiation, since it does not damage delicate tissues. An East German study of 15 patients receiving UBI and thrombolytic, antihypertensives, glycosides, and physiotherapy.  There were 15 more healthy volunteers used as a control group.

The UBI group outperformed the 1st control group on 24 of 26 possible variables.  These variables consisted of: cognitive speed, higher perceptual process, verbal recognition, and concentration.

(Dagmar, 1145-49)


Neurological Disorders with circulatory dysfunction

Ninety patients between the ages of 47-69 with atherosclerotic, hypertonic, and venous circulatory dysfunction were not responsive to other treatments.  A control group of 35 patients were used. After four to eight UBI treatments were given, positive results in 87% of the patients was observed and 51.2% saw full resolution. UBI caused the significant decrease of headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, feeling of heaviness of the head, pain in the heart region, etc.  Sleep became more normal for the patients as well.

(Berdichevskii, 75-78)


Neural system circulatory problems – Vegetative

Another case included 50 sailors, between ages 40 through 60.  All were diagnosed with early stage cerebral circulatory problems and then were treated with UBI.  All the patients experienced improvement.  Some of the documented improvements were: heads cleared, feeling of weight on their heads disappeared, tinnitus ceased, felt more ready to work, and mood improved and sleep normalized.

(Lobenko, 77-79)

Hypertension – High Blood Pressure

This study included 73 Stage 2, hypertensive patients who were divided into 2 groups.  Group 1 consisted of 24 patients receiving standard drug therapy.  Group 2 then received standard drug therapy plus LBI.  Group 2 had severe hypertension that was resistant to drugs, so the drugs did not work.

In Group 2 Blood pressure dropped 24%, they had less headaches and dizziness and less ache in the heart area.  Drug levels were also dropped by 40%.  Remission lasted 4-8 months whereas Group patients did not surpass 4 months.  Hypertension reduction occurred 6-10 days after treatment.

(Alizade, 29-32)


In a hypertensive study, 14 patients, over the course of three years, showed that UBI treatment caused a reduction in systolic pressure.  These patients improved systolic pressure, from 175 down to 148 on average and it held below 153 for three years.  On average, diastolic Pressure went from 94 to 86, then 83 for two years and rose to 91 in the third year.  In conclusion, UBI significantly reduced blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Medications were able to be reduced by 1/3.

(Frick, “Fibel der Ultrviolettbestrahlung…”)

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