Hard for MDs

Why MD’s & DO’s find it hard to accept a new therapy?

  1. Drs are responsible for any harm to their patients and so rightly insist on solid evidence prior to acceptance.
  2. It is hard to accept new therapies and Drs often fail to distinguish between “proof” and evidence that is highly suggestive for safety and efficacy.
  3. Other unscientific, dubious new therapies lack testing, clinical records and UBI gets linked into these without warrant.
  4. Drs have often depended on the pharmaceutical companies to come up with the cures and one so easy and inexpensive as UBI is not attractive.
  5. Drs do not have time to investigate all new therapies and therefore fail to see one like UBI as having merit.

An applicable motto none the less is:

Condemnation without Investigation is
nothing but Arrogance &/or Ignorance

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