BPT Not in Use

“ You actually think that passing blood by UV light is some kind of a cure…..are you from the stone age”

(Never mind that a jaundiced baby is put under a billiruben (blue light) to break down toxins.)

 Why do we not see such a “phenomenal” therapy in use today?  With all of the money spent on research and all of the hospital and clinics surely if this therapy were even ½ as good as it promotes itself to be, it would be in every hospital in use every day.

Please explain why UBI Therapy is not Popular

  1. Mainstream non-Acceptance: There is truth to the mentality “…if its not a drug, it must not be a cure!”
  2. Skepticism/Ignorance:  For something to be accepted, it takes time to investigate.  This seems too simple.  UVC and UVA fluorescent lights can be obtained for low cost by anyone. How could this evoke major cures?
  3. The Dollars Aren’t There: The actual procedure is too easy and too cheap….there is little money in it.  This is what discourages further FDA testing.  Who will fork over $ 20 million for testing that has only a minimal return.  When a drug company spends $ 800 million to get a drug approved, they already know that they will make billions.
  4. Not Business Driven: The early proponents of this were not businessmen and definitely not salesmen.  This is mainly true today.

Realize that there an estimated 250 places in the US where you can get UBI treatment and probably a lot more.

There are many breakthroughs take a while to catch on. 

  • Natural medicines
  • Food without pesticides
  • Nutritional items like Omega fatty acids

have been around for a long time and yet their importance in our health is has taken time to be accepted.

Ultraviolet Blood Therapy was started in America and all but ditched in the 50’s in lieu of vaccines and penicillin.  “Take a pill….and call me in a few days if you are not feeling better.” 

The Russians and Germans picked up the therapy and have about 3,000 practitioners today…using it every day for post operative surgery, non-healing wounds, Herpes, etc.  It may be difficult for our medical establishment to bow to the German and Russians and their studies as actually having some effective treatment that we do not.

Even though there are 140+ studies that show help for HIV, Hepatitis, Asthma, and a host of diseases.  Prescribing a pill is quick, easy and the insurance companies will pay for his advice.  

Very few people question whether the Dr. should have looked into more natural therapies, or ones with no side effects, or ones with better efficacy.  They leave that up to the patient. Drs can often be influenced by the drug companies to promote their drugs.  It is business.

I do not think that Ultraviolet Therapy will gain its rightful place until a way to make more money from it can be found.

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