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Frequently Asked Questions


Is everyone helped with BPT?

Obviously not, but it is a phenomenal therapy with almost no side affects.

  • Migraine headaches – 60-80% helped.
  • Non-healing wounds – 90+%
  • Thrombophlebitis – 3 times the walking distance improvement
  • Bronchial Asthma – 72% respond favorably ….. etc.

Read the synopsis of studies in Ken Dillon’s book – Healing Photons – The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy.


Why is this therapy not more common and known?

This is such an important question, we have answered it separately.  Look at the other FAQ drop down boxes.


What is the correct name?  I have read about UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) – Photopheresis, and you call it BPT.

We use BioPhotonic Therapy because in today’s environment the name radiation often means isotopes or radioactive ions.  This treatment is with UVC / UVA  light …just the extended wave length of natural light.


Is this covered by insurance?

Not at this time.  You are responsible for payment at the time of the therapy.


I have tried lots of supposed cures and they didn’t work why believe this?

Many “alternative” medicines are supported by weak science and a handful of glowing testimonies.  Read the studies and see that this falls into a completely different category.


What about Cancer?

There are a lot of positive body responses to BPT that will help to bolster the immune system in its own defense against cancer.  To date there have not been studies that conclusively show its affect with cancer.  There are some glowing testimonials on its help. As an adjunct therapy it certainly should be considered.  It seems to have the affect of reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. For others there has been complete remission.


What about HIV?

It has been shown to be effective in treating HIV, reducing viral loads and reducing symptoms.  See www.Harrismed.com for on-going studies and data.


How does it work on auto-immune problems?

Great question.  Sometimes therapies have an area that accomplishes the task…feeling better, more stable, reduction of problems and symptoms without giving us a complete answer to “How”?  BPT has the ability to modulate or destroy the activated T-4 cells that drive such syndromes. Results have certainly varied but many have found significant improvement. See a PhD look at BPT

“The transfusion of UV irradiated blood in the organism causes rearrangement of the immune status, the trends and depth of which depends of its initial condition. In case of normal functioning of immune system the influence of extracorporeal UBI is not detected, in case of hyperfunction of certain elements – suppressive effect and finally normalization of the immune response of the organism is recorded.”


Do you have a Dr on site?

This depends on the clinic.  There should always be a doctor as a director and qualified individuals doing the procedure.


Do you diagnose illnesses and recommend additional treatments?

Again, this depends on the clinic.  UBI or BPT treatment carried out by a qualified, certified RN or phlebotomists is the rule.  Individual clinics will customize their approach.


Why is this not in the same “class” as other alternatives medicines?

How many medical studies have you read on alternative medicines, supplements, etc?  This therapy has a 70 yr history and over 140 published medical studies on record for over 60 diseases.


What if I am already taking drugs for my disease?

Talk to the staff about what drugs you are taking and the therapy.  For the vast majority of medicines, BPT will complement their action or work around it to benefit you in spite of the drug action.


Can I lower the intake of drugs after the BPT?

You and your Dr will have to be the judge of that.  In most of the studies, after BPT drug amounts were lowered.


Why are there almost no side effects?

Partially because all the therapy does is “encourage” the body to cure itself. With good antibody production, improved blood function, improved circulation and normalizing of toxins the body takes care of itself.


How do I prepare myself for a visit?

See our page under Therapy Info


Should I tell other Drs that I am doing this?

That is up to you.  Many Doctors today are open to “alternative” treatments as long as there is no harm in taking that treatment.


How many treatments can be safely given?

Since there are virtually no side effects treatments can go on for years if needed.  There have been reports of over 20 yrs of treatments with BPT and no adverse side effects.


Should I use BPT as a preventative  – maintenance type of treatment?

Depending on your condition and what initial treatments were for, a maintenance program of 2-4 treatments per year is quite normal


How does this therapy stop virus and bacterial from reproducing?

The UVC light is well know to disable the replication mechanism of bacteria, virus, fungus and even parasites.  It does this by breaking the strands of DNA needed for replication.  The cell is then dead.


Doesn’t this light then damage my blood? 

No. The cell wall of healthy blood cells are quite thick and of course there is no DNA.  Blood cells are made in the bone marrow.  This treatment actually affects the increased production of healthy red blood cells.  It also improves blood viscosity and oxygen carrying function.

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