AIDS has been a topic of intense testing within the BioPhotonic Community.  There is one entity that has extensively tested this lightr therapy outside of the country.  That is Harris Medical.  The indications are clear that HIV patients that have been treated properly with Ultraviolet light UBI or sublingual have seen their viral counts plummet and their symptoms decrease.

In AIDS, where white cell counts, the CD-4 “helper t-cells” are very low, after UBI these cell counts may return to normal. Concerning AIDS it may appear that UBI reduces the number of HIV viruses in the body. In true AIDS these CD-4 cells are low and predispose the patient to severe infection. UBI brings these cell counts to normal levels.  There is great new information out on UV Blood therapy through  regarding HIV and malaria testing over the last 4 years in Africa.

Another proponent of this is Dr. WIlliam Campbell Douglass who has started a clinic in Africa and seen first hand the results of UBI working with AIDS patients.  His quote is worth looking at again.

” If you knew of a procedure that could save thousands-maybe millions-would you cover it up? It is unthinkable that what could be the best solution ever to stopping the world’s killer diseases is being ignored, scorned, and rejected. But that is exactly what is happening right now. The procedure is called “photoluminescence (UBI)”. It is a thoroughly tested, proven therapy that uses the healing power of light to perform almost miraculous cures. This remarkable treatment works its incredible cures by stimulating the body’s OWN immune responses. That is why it cures so many ailments-and why it has been especially effective against AIDS. Yet, 50 years ago it virtually disappeared from the halls of medicine.”

Graduate of the Miami School of Medicine, Graduate of the Naval School of Aviation and Space Medicine and National Health Federation “Doctor of the Year” He worked alongside scientists at the Pastuer Institute for 1 year in Russia and set up and operated an AIDS clinic in Uganda , Africa. Many terminal stage AIDS patients made full recoveries using his UBI protocol. He was also the past president of the Florida College of ER doctors.

News Special Report of The Energex System

Watch the 2008 news special that is available on-line for a synopsis of their device.  Studies have shown that the treatment is safe and effective.


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