What is BPT?

UBI, known as BioPhotonic Therapy, gives hope for those who have not found relief!

BioPhotonic Therapy is not new.  Since 1928, BPT is a proven medical procedure that kills bacteria and virus, assists the immune system, and rejuvenates blood properties.  Among other things, it has also proven to increase oxygen flow to the tissues, causing vasodilation and microcirculation.

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Blood is withdrawn from the patient’s arm using a butterfly needle.  Approximately 40 milliliters of blood, depending on body weight.  This same blood is run through a device which exposes the blood to controlled ultraviolet rays.  After the patient’s blood is exposed to the UV light, it is returned to the patient’s vein.

During the process, smaller bacterial and viral cells are targeted, absorbing the majority of the photonic energy. The healthy cells remain intact while the disease cells are killed and become antigenic. An “autogenous vaccine”, meaning self-generated, is thus produced.  Microbes in the bloodstream are rapidly destroyed when exposed to this “vaccine” and photonic energy.  This process is called “induced secondary immune reactivation.”

The end result provides a new supercharged immune response, greater oxygenation, and a balancing of your system.

A number of reasons explain why you or your doctor may have not heard of BioPhotonic Therapy (UBI).  The article “BPT Not in Use” can explain why that may be.

For a more medical look at how BPT functions, here is an excellent two page reportfrom PhD, Dr. Levon Gasparyan.

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