Side Effects

Adverse Reactions

There has historically been a complete absence of harmful effects, either immediate or delayed, when UBI is used properly.  This has allowed clinical investigators to use this procedure over a period of twenty years and more on a single patient.

Mild Flu like Symptoms

The German’s have performed hundreds of thousands of these treatments and never reported incidents of toxicity other than a mild Herxheimer reaction that occurs within the first 24 hours. The reaction is due to the rapid death of large numbers of infectious organisms. The symptoms are characterized by chills and a rise in temperature, similar to “flu-like” symptoms. The symptoms can occur with any type of treatment including antibiotics.

Increased Drug effects

Sulpha drugs should be allowed a washout period of seven to ten days before BPT is given and not used for seven days after a treatment.

Increased Reaction

In a few chronic diseases there has been an increased reaction. Approximately 50% of individuals with bronchial asthma, nasal sinusitis, and chronic rheumatic disease may have an aggravation of the pre-existing symptoms.  The reaction is usually no more severe than any previous severe response. This is especially true following the first application of UBI, much less likely to occur after a second UBI therapy, and rarely after the third.

A “flushing” of the face normally occurs immediately after treatment. This indicates an additional amount of oxygen has been introduced into the blood stream, A slight rise in temperature may also occur, which is the body’s natural reaction when the immune system is stimulated. The stimulated immune system continues its activity for hours, sometimes days after the treatment has been induced.

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