Does BioPhotonic Therapy Have Advantages Over Pharmaceutical Drugs?

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  • BioPhotonic Therapy stimulates the production of a vaccine based on ones particular virus or bacteria, therefore it is more specific and has greater effectiveness.
  • Drugs often produce resistant strands of bacteria.  Bacteria is far less likely to become resistant to BPT.
  • More versatile, it works on many conditions.  Whereas many drugs may be needed, causing multiple side effects.
  • Stopping or starting  BPT Therapy has no consequence, but if chemotherapies are stopped there exists possible consequences of drug resistance and further spread of the disease.
  • Accidental overdoes is virtually impossible.
  • Does not destroy benign Flora (helpful bacteria).
  • Does not depress the immune defenses.
  • Boosts overall immunological defenses of the body.
  • Less expensive than many drugs.


(Dillon “Healing Photons” CH 1-10)

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